About Conference

In a fast changing world, no problem can be analysed and no democratic and efficient solution can be found without cutting-edge thinking and research in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

The EU is currently facing a number of crises such as migration with its consequences on national politics, human rights and freedom of movement; growing extremism and radicalisation, which sparks debates on religious diversity and security inside and outside Europe; and unemployment which fuels social exclusion in some of its Member States.

For whom it is

The target audience will include about 300 people, a good mixture of stakeholders including individual researchers and representatives from universities, research institutes, associations and societies; policy-makers, business representatives, non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, and media.

The conference should also attract those researchers involved in the SSH policy discourse of the last years.
They will act as multipliers for the conference’s objectives and the conference will serve as a consolidation space for such a discourse.

Three Aims of The Conference

  1. To illustrate that the SSH bring an unmatched contribution to the workings of democratic societies as they try to protect and enhance our democratic principles and structures, i.e. tolerant, secure, inclusive and innovative.
  2. To stress the SSH research vital role now and after 2020 in the European interconnected research agenda in order to address key European concerns.
  3. To discuss strategies on enhanced inclusion of young scientists in academia and research and in innovative and creative professions.